hammir chauhan

Story of Hammir Chauhan - Hammir Chauhan was the youngest son of the Jaitra Singh and queen Hira Devi among his three sons.

The name of the two elder brothers of Hammir were Suratrana and Virama.When Jaitra Singh was going to retire, he had to choose a successor to the throne.

So, he started to observe all the three of his sons and found that Hammir as his more.

Hammir had all those qualities that should be in a king and warrior. In 1282 CE, a coronation ceremony was conducted by Jaitra Singh in which Hammir was enthroned as the ruler of Ranthambore.

After becoming the ruler and gaining all the control upon the administration, he followed Digvijay policy and started to extend the boundaries of his kingdom till 1288 CE.

After performing Digvijay policy, Hammir organized Koti Yajnas, which leads to increase his popularity and reputation among the peoples.

He defeated Mewar ruler and occupy it and also established his panache in the whole Rajasthan.

According to a Jain scholar Nayachandra, Hammir was generous towards Brahmins, he respects all the religions and India faiths including Jainism.

Hammir Chauhan and Jalaluddin Khilji

During that time, maladministration prevailed due to the weakness of the Sultan of Delhi. So, because of these conditions, Hammir got and a nice opportunity to enhance and increase his powers by capturing Delhi.

As Jalaluddin Khilji became the Sultan of Delhi in 1290 CE, he observed and decided to eliminate the increasing power of Hammir Chauhan.

Because he was afraid that if Hammir capture Delhi, he (Jalaluddin) had to get away from Hammir’s way or Hammir will eliminate him.

Then Jalaluddin made a plan, he captured Jhain and surrounded Ranthambore, but even after all the efforts made by his army, the army of Sultan became unsuccessful and was forced to go back to Delhi by the Rajput.

After this failure, Jalaluddin once again tried to conquer Ranthambore in the 1292 CE (around two years from the past attack).

But because of Hammir’s successful and diplomatic counteractions, Jalaluddin became unsuccessful again and this time he has to face an excessive loss.

Then after, Jalaluddin removed the enclosure from the fort and said, “I do not give importance to hundreds of forts like this in comparison to a single strand of hair of Muslim”.

Amir Khusrau, who was the eye witness of all these campaigns conducted by Jalaluddin Khilji, had portrayed these campaigns in his book “Miftah ul Futuh” in an extended way.

And in the future also, when Alauddin Khilji became the ruler of Delhi by assassinating his uncle Jalaluddin Khilji the quarrels and battles with Hammir and Alauddin were in progress.

Hammir was a brave and lionhearted ruler and a soldier. He faced many rulers in his lifetime, some of them were even stronger than him.

But he hadn’t left the battlefield and fought with bravery. He was also very kind for the peoples of his kingdom and to those who wanted help from him.

Written by:
Rachit Sharma

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